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Founded in July 1996, the Munhoz Engenharia e Projetos assumes as the fundamental purpose "exceed expectations of their customers."





• Hiring qualified employees involved with our philosophy of continuous evolution;

• Always seeking new techniques and intelligent solutions;

• Eliminating and predicting interference between different activities, through good design and integration among the areas involved


It is worth mentioning also that the seamless integration Work Project X, in addition to helping our customers in defining their needs, substantially reduces the execution time under "Turn Key".


Our accreditation for higher goals we set ourselves, despite the success of a panorama, are the projects and works that are at your disposal at this site.



munhozengenharia.com.br ® Rua Jalil Abib n. 170, Eden, Sorocaba/SP - CEP: 18087-107 - 15.32241055/32241857